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2018年德国科隆国际体育用品、露营设备及园林生活 [2018-6-22]
迈宏纺织参加2018年美国拉斯维加斯国际五金及花园 [2017-8-30]
2017年世界户外家具十大流行趋势分析 [2017-5-11]
纺织外贸出口数据向好 增幅继续回升 [2017-5-11]
户外家具 让家更灵动舒适 [2017-5-11]
户外烧烤相关家具产品将引爆美国未来家居市场 [2017-5-11]
    Established in 2009, Maihong Textile includes Hangzhou Maihong Textile Co., Ltd, Huzhou Maihong Textile Co., Ltd, and Huzhou Maihong International Trade Co.,Ltd.,which is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the production, design, research and development of textile,sales. We are located in Changxing County,Zhejiang Provinc...【Details...】

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